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Um dos melhores diálogos da história do cinema... E sobretudo uma conversa sobre o que é o amor...

JOE (cont'd)
How are you doing?

What the hell do you care?

I was just asking, Bill.

You 'want to know', I'll tell you.
You're looking at a man who tonight
is not about to walk through the
Valley of the Shadow of Death, he's
galloping into it. And the same time,
the business he built with his own
hands and his own head is being
commandeered by a couple of cheap
pirates. And, oh yes, I almost
forgot, my daughter's fallen in
love with Death.

Another moment.

-- And I'm in love with your

Say again?

I'm in love with your daughter, and
I'm taking her with me tonight.

Parrish is stunned.

You're what?

I think you heard me, Bill.

You're not taking Susan anywhere.
And what the hell does that mean

Joe doesn't answer for a moment.

PARRISH (cont'd)
I thought we had a deal.

I'm sorry, Bill --

Susan is my daughter, she has a
wonderful life ahead of her and
you're going to deprive her of
it and you're telling me you're
sorry? Well, I'm sorry, apology
not accepted.

I love her, Bill. She is all that
I ever wanted, and I've never wanted
for anything because I've never
wanted anything before, if you can

How perfect for you -- to take
whatever you want because it
pleases you. It's not love --

Then what is it?

Some aimless infatuation in which,
for the moment, you feel like in-
dulging. It's missing everything
that matters.

Which is what?

Trust, responsibility, taking the
weight, for your choices and feel-
ings and spending the rest of your
life living up to them. And above
all, not hurting the object of your

So that's what love is?

Multiply it by infinity and take it
to the death of forever and you will
still have barely a glimpse of what
I am talking about.

Those were my words, Bill.

Well, they're mine now.

Susan wants to come. She says she's
in love with me.

With you?! Who is 'you'? Did you
tell her who you are?


Does she know where she's going?

PARRISH (cont'd)
Susan went, in whatever way she did,
for that poor sonofabitch whose body
you took, and everything else since
has been aftermath. You say you love
her but you don't know what love is.
She 'loves' you but she doesn't know
who you are. You make a deal, you're
breaking it -- the bottom line is,
Joe, you're conducting a Great
Romance under false pretenses.

I don't like what you're saying.

I don't expect you to.

Are you threatening me?

I certainly hope so -- I loved Susan
from the moment she was born, and I
love her now, and every minute in
between, and what I dream of is a
man who will discover her and she
will discover a man who will love
her, who is worthy of her, who is of
this world, of this time and has the
grace and compassion and fortitude
to walk beside her as she makes her
way through this beautiful thing
called life.

Are you telling me I can't be
part of it?

Why did you come in here and tell
me, Joe? You are the Biggest Shot
of all, you don't have to ask my
permission, but that's what you're
doing. You know why? Because you've
somewhere, somehow, developed into a
good guy, and you know this is all
wrong... I don't know what you're
going to do -- how can this be love?
She doesn't know who you are. Why
don't you tell her? Try it out on
her? See what happens. Reveal
everything there is to know about
yourself and let the chips fall
where they may.

PARRISH (cont'd)
Okay? -- I've given it my best shot.
I wish I could tell you to sleep on
it but...

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RC disse...

:) Concordo.

Francisco del Mundo disse...

rc, bem-vinda e ainda bem que concorda...:D

Xano disse...

é uma conversa de 2 géneros de amor...

Francisco del Mundo disse...

xano, exactamente...

ivone disse...

uma dupla de respeito!
antonhy hopkins(estou na dúvida se se escreve assim) o meu preferido. e brad pitt o meu favorito.
pena é que pus o som no máximo e não consegui ouvir quase nada. apesar de conseguir perceber inglês claro.
continuo na dúvida o que é o amor...

Erotic Spirit disse...

One of my fave. movies ... hummm think I'll see it again it is so inspiring


Francisco del Mundo disse...

Ivone, bem-vinda!:) Só uma ligeira troca de letras nesse Anthony..:D Pode ser um problema com o video, ou com as colunas...:D Seja como for, calculo que saibas este dialogo...:D
Beijo e volta sempre

Francisco del Mundo disse...

erotic, one of mine too..:D